ALCMST is a blog project that is about turning data into many things.



Everyone, I'm Boris. I work as a Teamlead of Solution Architects in Business Intelligence for a Qlik Elite Solution Provider in Germany. In my role I come across a ton of data driven challenges, interesting people, their companies and loads of other things that keep me motivated to try and use technology to make everyone's life a little bit easier.

In a different life I obtained a PhD in chemistry. Even then I strived to put my creative energy and investigative nature towards creating things that could ultimately help people to live a better life. As a chemical researcher my daily business was to transform materials of one kind into something else - for me "else" meant mostly hazardous waste however ;-).

Today, living and working in a data driven world, I find that transforming data into many other things is just as - if not even more - fulfilling. I want to use ALCMST  to share with you my ideas, my views, approaches to solutions and a story or another. Mostly this will be about how we can transform data into insights, joy or in short: value.

In my free time I love to spend time outdoors climbing, hiking, trekking or riding my downhill and enduro bikes, spend quality time with friends and family and tinker around with electronics and technology.